How to Participate: Pediatricians

Child sitting with doctor Are you a pediatrician who would like to participate in our research or refer babies you think might be autistic?

The UCSD Autism Center of Excellence has developed a network of more than 150 pediatricians in the San Diego area, all working to systematically screen babies at the 1-year check up to help identify those at risk for autism, language delay and other developmental delays.

For the first time, pediatricians are working hand in hand with scientists to discover the early causes of autism. A research paper describing the UCSD ACE pediatrician and scientist collaborative project is currently under review in a scholarly journal.  Read the abstract of the paper.

Overview of  Pediatrician Participation Process

The usual first step to being an ACE pediatrician affiliate is to participate in an informational luncheon. Dr. Karen Pierce and her assistant will come to your office during your lunch hour and discuss the overall screening project. We will distribute informational packets and present key issues about early autism screening. We will also bring a delicious lunch from a local restaurant for your office staff, including sandwiches, chips, dessert, and drinks.

Every child considered at risk and referred by your office will receive free developmental evaluations by a Ph.D. level psychologist, free blood screening for Fragile X, free follow-up evaluations, free written reports, free MRI Scan, money for gas and participation ($120), prizes for the child, access to knowledgeable staff, and free treatment (if eligible).

The UCSD Autism Center of Excellence program is a wonderful resource for families and all of the pediatricians that have participated so far feel that it adds a positive dimension to their practice. Best of all, it will really help UCSD scientists discover a bio-behavioral signature of autism at 12 months.

We are very committed to this research and grateful to pediatricians for working with us. If it weren't for pediatricians and supportive parents, this research would not be possible.

The luncheon is for informational purposes only. You can choose to proceed (or not) at that time.

If you are interested in scheduling a luncheon, please contact the Autism Center of Excellence clinical coordinator at 858-534-6912 or e-mail: