Young child runningThe discoveries made from our research depends upon the participation of families like yours.

Your child may be eligible to participate in one of our research projects. Your family's involvement will help advance the effort to understand, diagnose, and treat autism. Additionally, participating families will gain valuable insight into their child’s cognitive, verbal, and social development. All families are provided with financial compensation for their participation and the children receive a toy at each visit.

Parents concerned about their infant or toddler’s development

Your child may be eligible to participate in one of our research projects. Benefits to children and their families vary by study and include financial compensation and comprehensive assessments that provide information about your child’s development as well as research-based treatment.

Below is an outline of what you can expect by participating. There are 2 major components to our study program:

  1. Free, comprehensive developmental evaluations 9 months apart. The evaluation appointment will last approximately 3.5-4 hours in duration. At the conclusion of testing, the psychologist will review the results with you and write a report outlining your child’s performance when needed. In this manner, you will be able to track your child’s progress in multiple realms of development over the course of two years.
  2. A blood draw is required to evaluate the genetic component of child development. Parents will be asked to participate in blood draw as well.


We are not currently conducting any MRI studies.


Complete the inquiry form to request an evaluation.


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Parents of typically developing infants and toddlers

You and your child can provide valuable information in the effort to understand and treat autism. In exchange for participation, families receive a comprehensive assessment of their child’s cognitive, verbal, and social development.

Please contact us at 858-534-6900 for more details.

Parents of children ages four and up

Most of our research studies are focused on the 12-36 month age period.  We are not currently enrolling children over 4 years of age into our research projects.

Some additional resources that may provide further assistance are listed below:

  • Rady Children's Hospital has an Autism Discovery Institute where evaluations are conducted up to18 years of age: (858) 966-7453
  • Developmental Evaluation Clinic provides evaluations to individuals who have Medi-Cal: (858) 966-5817
  • The UCSD Child and Adolescent Services Research Center may provide additional information on how to get an evaluation at this age: (858) 966-7703
  • The Autism Society of America is a great resource for parents:
  • The San Diego Regional Center offers services and may have some resources for an evaluation:

Parents of children diagnosed with autism or other developmental delay

If your child has a previous diagnosis of autism or developmental delay, he or she may be eligible to participate in one of our studies. Participation in our research study provides information about your child’s current functioning and subsequent progress.

Please contact us at 858-534-6900 for more details.